Dwayne & Candece - Byron View Farm

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Dwayne and Candece’s met at their local pub. Candece still remembers seeing Dwayne’s big blue eyes peering out at her from underneath his beanie and feeling instant butterflies. Eight years later, they tied the knot at one of my all-time favourite wedding venues, Byron View Farm. The boys made one hell of an entrance in a vintage classic and the arbour was dressed in spectacular florals by The French Petal. 

Dwayne and Candece know that theirs is a love that can't wait to live for every moment - becoming parents and watching each other grow with their children, sharing the same last name, family holidays, growing old – wrinkles, grey hair, the whole she-bang! 

It was truly an honour to join them together in marriage. Heart and Colour were there to capture these beautiful moments. 

Co-ordination: Byron Bay Weddings
Catering: Fig Tree Restaurant
Styling:  The Wedding Shed

Video: Yellow Bull Weddings