Ash & Amber - The Farm Byron Bay

Ash and Amber’s story goes way back, 14 years in fact when they both attended the same high school. But as teenagers these two didn’t exactly mix in the same circles. Ash was a total badass and spent most of her time in the principal’s office. Amber, on the other hand, was school captain, teacher’s pet and all-round good girl. 

Fast forward 11 years and they can thank Facebook for reconnecting them. When they met up to grab dinner, Amber discovered that Ash was confident, adventurous and super funny and by the end of the night, knew wholeheartedly that Ash was someone she would never ever be bored with - and could forever be inspired by. 

For Ash, the feeling was mutual - she was immediately smitten with this funny, charismatic, kind and gentle woman . Nothing could prepare these two for what lay ahead and just how amazing their story would be. 3 years later they were married on a beautiful spring morning at The Farm in Byron Bay.  

From the moment I met these two I was more than a little excited to be the one who got to marry them. They booked me a year in advance and before the law had been changed to allow same sex couples to marry. I remember exchanging text messages with the girls on the day of the marriage equality announcement back in December 2017 - their planned commitment ceremony was now going to be a completely legit marriage ceremony!

Ash and Amber are so warm, laid-back and comfortable with each other - their love just spills over like a beautiful energy and their intimate ceremony down in the Macadamia Orchard suited their style perfectly. I absolutely loved telling their love story and joining them together in marriage. 

Enjoy this short film of their day by Lucas and Co and Photos by Carly Tia