Brooke and Joel - Byron Bay Festival of Love


These guys are just so damn cute and their wedding was stuff dreams are made of.  Brooke and Joel got together three years ago when Joel received a message from his friend Andy, who was adamant that Joel just HAD to meet Brooke. At the time, Brooke had placed herself on a self-imposed boy ban, but when she saw a photo of Joel whilst driving, she says that he was so damn delicious, she was forced to pull the car over!

 Needless the say, he was worth lifting her boy ban for, and within a few weeks of exchanging messages, she decided to see just where this connection could go, and jumped on a flight from her home in Sydney to Joel’s home of Melbourne for their first date. 

They fell head over heels in love and have been inseparable ever since. Within a year they had relocated to Byron Bay where Brooke started managing the Spell & the Gypsy Collective boutique.

 When life threw Joel the ultimate curve ball, Brooke has stood by him throughout his recovery in every possible way. She couldn't have said it better when she told Joel that ‘together, they would move mountains’.  They have done exactly that, overcoming what not too long along seemed impossible to stand in front of the people they love most in the world to say ‘I choose you’.

Having known Brooke for almost a decade after we worked together in Sydney many moons ago, I couldn’t have been more excited to join this beautiful girl in marriage to the love of her life.

They were married at Toraloo Farm just outside of Byron Bay and the team who helped bring the magic on the day were:

The Events Lounge

Carly Tia Photography

Nikaua Store