Sam and Arabella


Sam and Arabella’s wedding story is an epic one. Having met the girl of his dreams in Bella, and convinced she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, Sam found himself facing one of life’s biggest moments – the marriage proposal.  

Not one to do things the way most people usually do things, Sam wanted to sweep Bella off her feet with one awesome romantic gesture. So when he dropped to bended knee and popped the question, Bella got two surprises in one go…. Sam had already organized the entire wedding and it was happening in 4 days time.

Whilst legal timing requirements between a proposal and marriage meant that Sam & Bella’s ceremony was not an official marriage ceremony (you must provide 30 days notice from when you sign the Notice of Intended Marriage form) their commitment ceremony was one almighty celebration of their love for each other.

With a little help from his friends Sam secretly organized for 100 of their closest friends and family to travel to Yamba and the family’s Pacific Hotel for the ceremony and one hell of a party. Of all his surprises, the one I am most in awe of was that Sam had the one and only Kym Ellery design Bella’s dress. What.A.Guy.

The wild weather that lingered all morning held off and the ceremony took place on a purpose-built platform sitting in front of the Hotel with beautiful Yamba Beach as the backdrop. Both Bella and Sam looked drop-dead gorgeous and completely, utterly in love.

As Bella made her way up the stairs to meet her man, the smile on her face and the way she looked at Sam said it all. These two share a love that feels too good to be true – a love that you feel grateful for every day.  

Here’s a glimpse into a day that makes me smile whenever I think of it.

Photos by Sylve’ Colless