Relaxed | Modern | Fun | Authentic

If you're looking for someone who loves creating authentic, modern and fun ceremonies, you've come to the right place. 

I’m relaxed, laid-back and love meeting new people and hearing their stories, working closely with you to bring your dream Byron Bay wedding experience to life. 

All of my ceremonies are bespoke, which means working with you to uncover how you envisage your day, getting to know your unique story and discovering all the beautiful details that make your love story so special. 

A great ceremony should be true to your style, full of beautiful words, and emotion of all kinds, captivating you and your guests. Put to bed the belief that the ceremony is the boring part of the day, I believe the ceremony is how you kick-start what’s going to be your best day ever!

As a supporter of Marriage Equality, it’s an awesome time to be celebrating love with even more couples in 2018 and beyond...